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Uttalande från UMB angående avstängningar i samband med PBA.

17 JUL 2019 11:32
Efter att den första PBA turneringen i Korea spelats har UMB kommit med ett uttalande kring avstängningarna. Nedan kan ni ta del av uttalandet i sin helhet.
  • Uppdaterad: 17 JUL 2019 11:32

Dear Members,

As you may know the negotiations with PBA, despite all efforts from both parties, unfortunately did not reach an agreement.

 Despite the UMB proposed concessions to compromise and all efforts spent, no agreement could be reached. The differences between parties could not be overbridged for a stable agreement. One of the major issues for UMB concerned the dates protection for the Federation and Confederation sports calendars, with a restricted number of PBA events.

 As the delay term for the player’s suspension already expired, be informed that the statutory implications should be carried out by the Confederations and Federations.

 The suspended players have been marked as such on the corresponding ranking lists.



 We are confident that the Confederations and Federations will support the UMB decision and will apply the disciplinary measures imposed by the UMB Statutes to a maximum.

We regret not to have any other option.

This is a final statement on this subject as all relevant information has been sent and published in due time. 

On behalf of the Committee of the Union Mondiale de Billard.

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